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Annual or perennial sedges. Culms tufted, erect, filiform, terete, striate or sulcate. Leaves basal, bladed or rarely reduced to bladeless sheath, blades narrowly linear or filiform. Involucral bracts leaf-like or glume-like. Inflorescence simple to decompound umbel-like or capitate or reduced to a single terminal spikelet. Spikelets ovoid to ellipsoid; rachilla narrowly winged. Glumes many, all fertile, spirally imbricate. Perianth segment absent. Stamens 1-3, anthers oblong or linear. Style  articulate with the ovary; stigmas 3. Nutlets obovoid to orbicular, trigonous to triquetrous.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Inflorescence capitate; spikelets 2-15; glumes apex witha recurves short awn; nutlets distinctly wrinkled B. barbata
1b. Inflorescence simple to compound anthela; spikelets single; glume apex mucronate; nutlets obsoletely wrinkled B. densa