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Species of this Genus


Annual, biennual or perennial branched herbs, prickly or sometimes glabrous with yellow juice. Leaves sessile, pinnate, lobes repand-dentate, teeth apically spiny. Flowers solitary, terminal or axillary, yellow, orange or white. Sepals 2-3, with horned appendices, caducous. Petals 6, in two whorls, contorted or imbricate, caducous. Stamens indefinite, free, filaments filiform, anthers linear, bifid. Ovary ovate-oblong, 1-celled, with many ovules, placentation parietal, stigmas sessile, very short, radiating, 4-7 lobed. Capsules spiny, 4-6 ribbed, dehiscing along the sutures. Seeds many, pitted.