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Annual herbs, with milky juice. Stems erect, mostly bristly. Leaves mostly on stems, sometimes in a rosette at base, mostly pinnatifid or pinnatipartite, entire or mostly incised; segments variously incised; lower leaves petioled, upper sessile. Flowers solitary, terminal and axillary on leafless scapes, sometimes paniculate; flower buds subglobose. Sepals 2 (-3), free, caducous, ovate-orbicular. Petals 4 (-6), in 2 whorls, obovate-orbicular, yellow or white. Stamens many; filaments filiform or dilated; anthers orbicular to linear. Ovary mostly ovoid, rarely cylindrical-oblong; ovules many on parietal placentae; stigmas sessile, 4 - 20. Capsules oblong, glabular, obovate or subcylindrical, dehiscing by subapical pores. Seeds very small, kidney-shaped, brown, black, dark-grey or white.