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Trees or shrubs,  bark warty, lenticellate. Leaves 3-nerved at the base, entire or distinctly serrate, petiolate, stipules lateral, free, scarious, caducous. Flowers in raceme or panicle, few to many-flowered, bracts minute, caducous. Perianth lobes 4-5, imbricate, free, boat-shaped, caducous. Stamens 4-5, filaments short, anthers dorsifixed, extrorse. Ovary sessile, unilocular, ovules pendulous, styles short or absent. Fruit a ovoid or globose, endocarp hard, smooth or rugose. Seeds with membranous testa, embryo curved.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Flowers in dense cymes; infructescence often branched, each with 3 or 4 drupes and several prominent scars from fallen flowers. Leaf base rounded to subcordate, distinctly asymmetrical C. timorensis
1b. Flowers solitary, fascicled or in few flowered racemes; infructescence simple, rarely forked, with 1(-3) drupes, rarely showing scars from fallen male flowers. Leaf base oblique, apex acuminate to shortly caudate-acuminate C. tetrandra