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Robust, climbing shrubs, stems branched, rooting at nodes. Leaves entire, ovate, oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, pinnately nerved, petiole sheathing, geniculate, sheath usually broad. Inflorescence solitary. Peduncle shorter than petiole. Spathe cymbiform, caducous to deciduous. Spadix sessile, shorter than spathe, dense-flowered. Flowers bisexual, naked, perigone absent. Stamens 4, filaments widish, flattened, thickened at tips, anther-cells oblong, dehiscence by lateral slits. Ovary prismatic or obpyramidal, 1-locular, ovule solitary, anatropous, placentaion basal, stylar region well-developed, stigma sessile, disciform to linear. Fruits obpyramidal berries. Seeds sub-reniform.