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Evergreen trees or large shrubs. Leaves alternate, margin serrate or denticulate, base 3-7 nerved. Flowers unisexual or bisexual or polygamous in small axillary cymes, bracts minute, caducous. Perianth 4-5 lobed, lobes induplicate-valvate or subimbricate. Stamens 4-5, opposite the perianth, filaments erect, anthers dorsifixed, introrse. Ovary superior, sessile, ovules pendulous, styles short, stigmas spreading or incurved. Fruit a drupe, ovoid or subglobose, small, usually crowned by the style. Seeds small, with or without endosperm.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Branchlets closely or sparsely adpressed-pubescent; leaves silvery silky with adpressed pubescence beneath, scabrid above; cymes lax, spreading T. orientalis
1b. Branchlets villous or tomentose, with spreading pubescence; leaves silky-tomentose, velvety or villous beneath; scabrid or pubescent above; cymes dense compact T. tomentosa