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Evergreen or deciduous shrubs, trees or lianas. Leaves simple, spirally arranged or distichous, entire. Male inflorescence paniculate, spicate or capitate, usually without involucral bracts. Male flowers with 3-5 calyx lobes, free or connate at the base, stamens as many as calyx lobes, filaments straight in bud or sometimes inflexed, pistillode subulate or absent. Female inflorescence capitate or shortly spicate. Female flowers sessile with 4 calyx lobes, peltate, fleshy, free or connate at the base, ovary free or immersed in a receptacle, styles short, stigmas 1 or 2, unequal. Drupe pulpy, enclosed in the fleshy perianth.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Woody vines; lamina broadly elliptic, membranous; drupes pea-like M. fruticosa
1b. Erect or scandent shrubs; lamina elliptic-lanceolate to oblong, papery to leathery; drupes ovoid M. cochinchinensis