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Species of this Genus


Monoecious or dioecious herbs or shrubs with stinging hairs. Leaves simple, alternate, petiolate; stipules deciduous, intrapetiolar; leaf blade papery, pinnately veined or 3-veined, margin dentate or serrate, rarely entire; cystoliths punctiform. Inflorescence axillary, solitary, loose glomerules forming panicles or racemes or spikes, pedunculate, unisexual; bracts very small. Flowers in loose glomerules. Male flowers: perianth lobes 4 or 5, free; stamens 4 or 5, filaments reflexed; rudimentary ovary clavate. Female flowers: perianth lobes 4, free or connate, unequal; staminodes absent; ovary superior; styles filiform, rarely brush-like. Fruit an achene, compressed, ovoid to hemispherical. Seeds with thin or no endosperm.