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Dioecious trees, without stinging hairs. Leaves simple, alternate, petiolate; stipules intrapetiolar, bifid; leaf blade pinnately veined or 3-veined, margin serrate, denticulate or entire, cystoliths punctiform. Inflorescences axillary, pedunculate, densely capitate clusters of unisexual flowers; solitary glomerules or pairs of dichotomously branched cymes; bracts small. Male flowers: perianth 3 or 4 lobed, lobes ovate, valvate; stamens 3 or 4, filaments inflexed in bud; rudimentary ovary obovate-clavate, woolly. Female flowers: perianth tubular, mouth contracted, apex 3- or 4-toothed; staminodes absent; stigma sessile, discoid, long ciliate hairs along margin. Achenes drupaceous, enclosed by discoid or cuplike fleshy receptacle.