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Trees or shrubs. Twigs with leaves and inflorescence covered with golden or orange scurfy scales and pale yellow and orange hairs. Leaves pinnate, leaflets 2-7 pairs, alternate to subopposite, base often unequal, entire or serrate, glandular, punctuate beneath, exstipulate. Flowers monoecious. Male flowers: in simple or bracteate erect or pendulous lateral spikes, perianth connate with simple lobed or laciniate, very unequal bracts or scales, resembling calyx, stamens 4-12, subsessile. Female flowers: in pendulous spikes, perianth adnate to ovary, solitary, sessile on 3-4 lobed bract, limb 4-lobed or toothed, stigmas 2. Fruit small globose nut, adnate to enlarged, scarious, 3-lobed, reticulately veined bract with mid-lobe exceeding laterals, glandular-hirsute. The pendulous raceme of fruits, each with a 3-lobed wing, and pinnate leaves distinguish the genus in the field.