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Large or small trees. Leaves crowded towards the tip of the branches, glabrous or variously hairy below, petioles thickened at the base. Inflorescence either male or female. Male inflorescence solitary or in paniculate clusters, pendent, simple or branched, glabrous to tomentose. Female inflorescence solitary, erect, densely pubescent. Male flowers: solitary or in groups of 3-4 along rachis, stamens 6, pistillode absent or replaced by tuft of hairs. Female flowers: always solitary, staminodes absent or 5-7, styles 3-4, expanded at the stigma. Cupule saucer-shaped to almost globular with various ornamentations, but never spiny. Fruit a nut, glabrous or hairy, round in cross section.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Half of mature nut enclosed in cup; young shoots rusty tomentose; leaves serrulate near the apex Q. gomeziana
1b. More than half of mature nut enclosed in cup; young shoots tomentose not rusty; leaves coarsely serrate near the base Q. mespilifolia