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Clump forming. Culms semi-scandant to clambering, solid or fistulose. Sheath girdle below node. Branch bud solitary, semi-circular to oval, slightly keeled towards the apex. Culm sheaths hard, auricled, thickened at the base. Inflorescence large compound panicles, spikelets round congested heads from each node, borne on the leafless primary branches. Spikelets small, 1-2 florets, if 1 then the other 1 rudimentary. Empty glumes 2, broad. Lemma similar to empty glumes. Lodicules 3, ciliated. Stamens 6, filaments free. Ovary glabrous, style short, stigmas 3, plumose. Fruit a large fleshy caryopsis, globose, depressed at the tip.