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Annual or perennial grasses. Culms tufted, erect or creeping, branching at nodes. Leaves narrowly linear. Inflorescence of 2-many racemes, 4-18 cm long, rachis jointed, internodes sparsely hairy. Spikelets paired, 1 sessile and the other pedicelled, or in threes, disarticulating with pedicels; glumes equal, hairy, lower glumes flat, 2-keeled, 2-nerved, upper glumes 3-nerved, keeled on median nerve; lower florets empty or sterile, upper florets bisexual; lemmas short, translucent, deeply bilobed, awned, awn bent below middle, lower part twisted. Stamens 3, rarely 2.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Panicle of racemes, digitate or fascicled. Upper lemma deeply bifid E. leschenaultiana
1b. Panicle of racemes, verticillate on a short laxly villous rachis E. fastigiata