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Species of this Genus


Annual, erect, glabrous herbs. Leaves simple, alternate, petiolate, lamina flattened, triangular-ovate or hastate, entire, sinuate or lobed. Flowers dioecious, male flowers in terminal, leafless interrupted panicles, female flowers in axillary clusters. In male flowers perianth 4-5 partite, segments oblong, obtuse, stamens 4 or 5, inserted at base of perianth, filaments capillary, anthers exserted. In female flowers perianth herbaceous, 2-4 toothed, in fruits coriaceous, enclosing the fruit, unarmed or with 2-3 dorsal spines, ovary subglobose, ovule subsessile, stigmas 4 or 5, filiform. Utricle hard, compressed globose, enclosed in the perianth.