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Species of this Genus


Annual grasses. Leaf-blades flat, coarse, ligule ciliate membrane. Inflorescence raceme or false panicle, fragile, spatheate, bearing paired spikelets, dorsally compressed, internodes flattened, cupuliform above, fused with pedicel. Sessile spikelets 2-flowered, falling entire, globose, callus truncate, oblique, with a central boss, pedicelled spikelets narrowly ovate, winged, pedicels broadly linear, indistinguishable from internodes;  lower glumes hemispherical, crustaceous, pitted and tuberculate, wingless; upper glumes partly adherent to enclosing internodes. Lower florets reduced to  hyaline lemma, upper florets bisexual. Lemmas entire, awnless. Caryopsis oblate, slightly dorsally flattened.