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Species of this Genus


Perennial grasses, tufted or stoloniferous, culms geniculate, often ascending. Leaf-blades lanceolate, firm, ligules absent or ring of bristles. Inflorescence of few-flowered panicle, spikelets single or in clusters. Spikelets narrowly elliptic or oblong, awnless, 2-flowered, falling entire; lower floret neuter or staminate, upper floret bisexual; glumes equal, glabrous, awnless, lower glume 3-nerved; upper glume 3-5 nerved; lemma of upper floret coriaceous with narrow, hyaline margins, awnless to mucronate, 3-5 nerved; palea similar to lemma in texture, 2-nerved. Lodicules 2, fleshy. Stamens 3. Caryopsis compressed dorsiventrally.