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Annual, erect or decumbent herbs. Leaves alternate, entire. Inflorescence axillary clusters or dense terminal panicles. Flowers small, unisexual. Bracts herbaceous, often persistent. Bracteoles 2 (3-5), sacrious. Perianth consisting of 3 or 5 (4) free, subequal, membranous, variously coloured tepals. Stamens as many as tepals, filaments filiform, free, pseudostaminodes absent, anthers 2-celled. Ovary ovoid, ovule solitary, erect, stigmas 2-3, subulate or filiform, hirsute or papilose. Fruit an orbicular or ovoid, compressed utricle with entire or 2-3 toothed apex, indehiscent or circumscissile. Seeds erect, orbicular, compressed.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaf axils with paired spines, perianth lobes 5; stamens 5 A. spinosus
1b. Leaf axils without spines, perianth lobes 3; stamens 3 2
2a. Bracts and bracteoles ovate-lanceolate, whitish A. lividus
2b. Bracts and bracteoles lanceolate, not whitish 3
3a. Bracteoles as long as the perianth; fruits dehiscent; branches near the base of the stem A. tricolor
3b. Bracteoles shorter than the perianth; fruits indehiscent; branches not near the base of the stem A. viridis