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Species of this Genus


Tall, dioecious palms, trunk stout, unarmed. Leaves terminal, flabelliform, plicately multifid,  leaflets induplicate, petioles armed. Inflorescence a stout spadix, branches cylindrical, spathes tubular. Male flowers minute, protruding from spadix branches, perianth 6, glumaceous, biseriate, obovate-spathulate. Female flowers few, larger, globose, scattered on spadix branches, perianth fleshy, 2-seriate, outer 3 reniform, imbricate, inner 3 smaller, convolute; staminodes 6-9; carpels 3-4, connate to form a 3-4 locular ovary with erect basilar ovules. Fruit a drupe, pyrenes 1-3, fibrous. Seeds oblong, apex 3-lobed.