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Species of this Genus


Annual or perennial grasses, culms 20-300 cm high, woody or herbaceous. Leaves linear or oblong-linear, ligule  fringed membrane. Inflorescence a solitary, slender, fragile raceme, spatheate, rachis internodes and pedicels filiform to clavate. Spikelets paired, secund, lanceolate or linear, compressed dorsiventrally, falling with glumes; glumes 2, more or less equal, awned or awnless; lower glume 2-keeled, 3-13 nerved; upper glume 1-3 nerved; lemmas stipitiform, hyaline, 2-lobed, 1-awned, geniculate, 1-3 nerved; paleas present or absent. Lodicules 2, fleshy. Stamens 2-3. Caryopsis  dorsiventrally compressed.