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Annual or perennial grasses. Culms tall, tufted, coarse. Leaf-blades linear, leaf-sheaths keeled, ligules short. Inflorescence a leafy compound panicle, composed of a series of short racemes, each subtented by a sheathing spatheole, raceme single or in bunches, each raceme comprising 2 homogamous pairs of spikelets forming an involucre at base and 1-4 sessile spikelets with their pedicelled attendants. Sessile spikelets falling entire, callus obtuse to pungent, pedicelled spikelets awnles; lower glume coriaceous, rarely grooved, obtuse; lower floret reduced; upper floret perfect; lemma stipitiform,  awnless or awned; paleas small or absent. Caryopsis lanceolate, channelled. 

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Pairs of involucral spikelets inserted at the same level; racemes congested in dense fascicles T. triandra
1b. Pairs of involucral spikelets inserted at different levels; racemes loosely arranged 2
2a. Involucral spikelets setose with tubercle-based bristles T. arundinacea
2b. Involucral spikelets pubescent, thinly hispid or glabrous T. villosa