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Species of this Genus


Clumps diffuse. Culms erect. Branch bud solitary in each node, ellipsoidal with midsplit, tip mucronate, ciliated along the keels. Branches slender, all equal. Culm sheaths often persistent, brittle, with short auricles, blade very long. Inflorescence panicles of one-sided drooping spicate, branches bearing 2-3 acuminate pseudospikelets with one fertile and one or more sterile florets.Empty glumes acuminate, mucronate. Lemma similar to empty glumes but thinner. Palea also similar to glumes, convolute to slightly keeled towards the apex. Lodicules 2, narrow. Stamens 5-7, filaments free or irregularly joined. Ovary glabrous, style elongate, stigmas 2-4, shortly hairy. Fruit a pear-shaped, long beaked bacoid caryopsis, pericarp thick.