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Species of this Genus


Annual or perennial, erect grasses. Culms 30-150 cm high. Leaf-blades linear, ligule membranous. Inflorescence a panicle, open or contracted. Spikelets paired, florets 2,   lanceolate to ovate, gaping; lower floret staminate or barren, upper floret bisexual, rhachilla disarticulating between florets; glumes unequal, upper as long as spikelet, lower shorter; lower lemma similar to upper glume,  3-5 nerved, awnless, palea hyaline; upper lemma terete, smaller, firmer, scaberulous, apex entire or 2-toothed, often with twisted awn, palea of upper floret similar to upper lemma. Caryopsis oblong.