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Shrubs or lianas. Leaves simple, spirally arranged, leaf blade scabrous or smooth, veins pinnate, dentate to entire, secondary veins parallel; petiolate, exstipulate. Inflorescence a terminal or axillary panicle with few to many flowers. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic, fragrant. Sepals (3-) 4 or 5 (-15), persistent in fruit, not accrescent, thinly leathery. Petals 3-5, obovate-spathulate, caducous, white or tinged red. Stamens numerous, anthers 2-loculed, with laterally expanded connective, dehiscing longitudinally. Carpels 1-4, free with short style, ovules 2 to numerous per carpel. Follicles ovate, irregularly dehiscent. Seeds 1 to numerous, glossy, arillate; aril red or purple, fleshy, enclosing at least base of seeds.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Inflorescence up to 12-flowered, without leaves at base; carpels 2-4 T. indica
1b. Inflorescence 30 or more flowered, with 1-5 small leaves at base; carpel 1, rarely 2 T. sarmentosa