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Species of this Genus


Clump forming. Culms arborescent, often somewhat scandent, thin walled. Branch bud solitary, ellipsoidal to rounded, covered with one prophyll with midsplit. Culm sheath proper concavely depressed at the top, generally no distinct auricle, ligules long ciliated, blades narrow, subulate, linear, deflexed. Branches slender, subequal. Flowering branches elongate, densely branched. Inflorescence iteructant.pseudospikelets 1-5 flowered, subtended by 1-2 prophyllum, glumes 0-4, persistent. Lemma involute, mucronate, sub-aristate. Paleas elongate, involute, without keels, tip bicuspidate. Lodicules (0-) 3 (-10). Stamens 6, usually free but sometimes connate, anthers obtuse at the apex. Ovary oblong, style long, stigmas 3, exserted. Fruit a nucoid caryopsis.