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Species of this Genus


Clump forming. Culms arborescent. Branch bud solitary, ovate, keeled laterally. Culm sheaths persistent, elongate, blades long, narrow. Flowering branches leafy to leafless. Cluster of 1-3pseudospikelets from each node of the branchlet, each cluster of spikelets embraced by a spathiform sheath, the sheaths truncate at the top, with reduced limb. Pseudospikelets consist of 2-3 fertile florets, followed by an extension of the rachilla bearing minute rudimentary florets. Lemmas boat-shaped. Paleas of lower florets 2-cleft for ± 1/3 of its length, keeled. Lodicules 0-3. Stamens 6, filaments free, anthers with a short tip. Ovary cylindrical, apex fleshy, bearing a glabrous long style, stigmas 1-3, plumose. Fruit a caryopsis, cylindric, glabrous, beaked, generally one fruit produced per spikelet.