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Usually trees with quadrangular branchlets and conspicuous pointed end buds, bark exudates clear or milky latex. Leaves opposite, lateral veins parallel and close. Flowers polygamous or hermaphrodite in axillary or in decussate terminal panicles. Sepals 4, in 2 opposite pairs, outer ones concave, inner ones longer and petaloid. Petals usually 4, sometimes 8. Stamens numerous, filaments free or in bundles. Ovary 1-celled with 1 erect ovule, style as long as the stamens or longer, stigma peltate, concave with irregular margin. Fruits leathery, smooth, with scanty pulp. Seeds large, ovoid or globose, flat-convex, testa thin and spongy.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves oblong or obovate-oblong, obtuse or emarginated, margins even,; racemes shorter than leaves, in upper axils; flowers c 2 cm in diameter C. inophyllum
1b. Leaves lanceolate-acuminate, margins waved; racemes as long as leaves; flowers c 1.2 cm in diameter C. polyanthum