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Species of this Genus


Tall, stout, perennial marsh grasses, rootstock spongy. Culms simple or sparsely branched. Leaf-blades very long, leaf-sheaths broad, laterally compressed, ligule narrow. Inflorescence a thyrsiform panicle, rachis long, stout, branches numerous, clustered or whorled. Spikelets falling entire with pedicels, closely imbricate, secund, biseriate, rachilla jointed and disarticulating, florets 4-20, perfect; glumes stiff, awn subulate, 1-nerved; lemmas keeled, subulate, 3-nerved; paleas subequal to lemmas, with closely-spaced, ciliate keels.  Stamens 3, styles united at base. Caryopsis with large embryo, obliquely ovoid.