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Usually trees. Leaves simple, opposite, rigidly coriaceous, often pellucid dotted, with numerous, slender and fine venation at right angle to the midrib. Flowers polygamous or hermaphrodite, large, solitary. Sepals and petals 4 each, imbricate. Stamens very numerous, filaments filiform, free or connate at the base, anthers erect, oblong, 2-celled, split vertically. Ovary 2-celled, ovules 2 in each cell, erect, style long, stigma peltate. Fruit a capsule or nut, 1-celled, by the abortion of the septum, dehiscent into 2-4 valves. Seeds 1-4, obtusely angled, without aril, testa thin and fragile, cotyledons large, free, fleshy.