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Erect herbs or undershrubs. Leaves odd-pinnate, leaflets numerous, sensitive, linear, stipules setaceous or lanceolate, stipules absent. Flowers in axillary, simple or branched racemes, bracts stipule-like, bracteoles adpressed to calyx. Sepals 5, connate in deeply 2-lipped calyx, lower ones entire or shortly 3-lobed. Petals standard obovate, incurved, keels not beaked. Stamens 10, connate in 2 bundles of 5 each, anthers uniform. Ovary stipitate, linear, many-ovuled, styles incurved, stigmas capitate. Fruits linear, long stipitate lomentum, with 2-8 flattened, separating joints, 1-seeded. Seed sub-reniform, compressed.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Stems woody, slender, leaflets 20-60, pods smooth 2
1b. Stems with much swollen pith, leaflets 50-100, pods echinulate A. aspera
2a. Stems covered with hispid hairs, flowers yellow A.americana
2b. Stems glabrous, flowers yellowish or white A. indica