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Perennial rhizomatous herbs, pseudostems 1-3 m tall, rhizome widely creeping. Leaf-blades lanceolate-oblong, leaf-sheath long, ligule entire or 2-lobed. Inflorescence spike or spike-like raceme or panicle, arising from rhizome,  peduncles clothed with imbricate scalelike sheaths; bracts imbricating, each subtending a single flower, bracteoles usually tubular; calyx tubular, apex 3-toothed; corolla tube cylindric, dorsal lobe usually wider than laterals; labellum conspicuous, often trilobed; lateral staminodes subulate; stamen with  well-developed filament, anther locules parallel or diverging; ovary trilocular. Fruits usually a capsule, smooth, ridged, winged or covered with fleshy spines.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Anther crest 3-lobed A. aromaticum
1b. Anther crest not lobed 2
2a. Capsule not winged A. corynostachyum
2b. Capsule winged 3
3a. Leaf-blade glabrous A. subulatum
3b. Leaf-blade abaxially brownish-pubescent A. dealbatum