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Perennial,  rhizomatous herbs, with stems long or short, or absent. Leaves solitary or tufted, lanceolate or ovate, erect. Inflorescence terminal or radical,  bracts 2-ranked, each subtending a single flower, bracteoles present. Calyx tubular, spathaceous. Corolla tube long, slender, lobes oblong or lanceolate. Labellum often saccate. Lateral staminodes usually shorter than  petals, filaments almost subequal to anther length, dehiscing by slits, or more rarely by pores, crest rounded, or lobed or absent, epigynous glands linear, free. Ovary 3-loculed,  or unilocular. Fruits ellipsoid. 

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaf-blade with long, soft, appressed hairs on the lower surface; staminodes obovate-cuneate, free B. islamii
1b. Leaf-blade glabrous; staminodes ovate, fused with labellum and filament at base B. longiflora