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Perennial, rhizomatous, slender herbs, up to 1 m tall, rhizomes creeping. Leaves sessile or subsessile, elliptic-oblong, caudate-acuminate. Inflorescence thyrse or raceme, bracts each subtending a cincinnus of flowers, bracteoles free to base. Calyx campanulate, 3-lobed. Corolla-tube slender, lobes ovate or oblong, subequal, concave. Lateral staminodes petaloid. Labellum reflexed, adnate to filament to form a slender tube above lateral staminodes and corolla lobes. Filaments long, curved, anthers with or without appendages on each side. Ovary 1-loculed. Fruit a globose or ellipsoid capsule. Seeds small, aril lacerate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Peduncle and bracts purple G. wengeri
1b. Peduncle and bracts not purple 2
2a. Anther with appendages on either side 3
2b. Anther without appendages on either side 4
3a. Leaves shortly petiolate, broadly lanceolate; ligule truncate; ovary verrucose G. marantina
3b. Leaves sessile, oblong to ovate-oblong; ligule bilobed; ovary smooth G. rahmanii
4a. Leaves 10.0-15.5 cm long, caudate; inflorescence 8-9 cm long; fruit globose G. orixensis
4b. Leaves 16-40 cm long, long caudate; inflorescence 14-45 cm long; fruit oblong 5
5a. Upper surface of leaves glabrous; calyx yellowish; staminodes shorter than the petals G. multiflora
5b. Upper surface of leaves sparsely hairy; calyx brown; staminodes longer than the petals G. clarkei