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Perrenial undershrubs, leaves trifoliate, on suppression of lateral leaflets becomes unifoloiate, terminal leaflets much larger, leaflets oblong. Inflorescence in terminal racemes, bracts caducous. Calyx broadly campanulate. Corolla conspicuous, standard broadly orbicular, base not distinctly clawed, winges and keel not ariculate at base, stamens didelphous (9+1), pods 5-9 segmented, densely pubescent, dehiscent along lower sature only.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Terminal leaflets broadly ovate or elliptic, lateral leaves 10-20 × 6-14 mm, apex round-obtuse or emerginate; pods densely long hairy C. gyroides
1b. Terminal leaflets narrowly ovate-elliptic, lateral leaflets 10-15 × 2-4 mm, apex acute or obtuse; pods densely short hooked hairy C. motorium