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Species of this Genus


Tall palms, monoecious, unarmed, stems solitary. Leaves pinnatisect, pinnae  arranged in same plane, leafsheaths open, fibrous. Inflorescence simple panicle,  but ultimately drooping  spadices, borne among leaves, peduncle bracteate.  Male flowers asymmetrical, perianth 2-seriate, stamens 6, filaments subulate. Female flowers much larger than males, perianth accrescent, outer 3 imbricate, inner 3 convolute. Carpels 3, connate to form a 3-celled ovary, ovules usually solitary, style short, stigma recurved. Fruit a 1-seeded drupe, ovoid, pericarp thick, fibrous, endocarp stony. Seed cohering with endocarp.