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Perennial herbs, with creeping rootstocks. Leaves large, oblong, basal leaves 1 or more, cauline leaf 1 or absent, leaf-sheath and petiole long. Inflorescence of few-many small spikes, produced from side of  petiole or direct from rootstock, bracts spirally arranged. Flower pairs 2- many per bract, sepals 3, usually longer than corolla-tube, petals 3, corolla-tube distally hollow, outer staminodes 2, obovate, staminode tube longer than corolla-tube, not petaloid at apex, style hooked above, stigma enlarged. Fruits dehiscent, pericarp hard. Seeds 1-3, arillate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Flowers purple; bracts with an incurved scarious tip which breaks up into bristles P. pubinerve
1b. Flowers white or yellow; bracts without such tips 2
2a. Spikes globose; bracts lanceolate, acute, 2-3-fid. Fruit usually 1- seeded P. placentarium
2b. Spikes oblong; bracts oblong, obtuse with minutely toothed tips. Fruit usually 3- seeded P. imbricatum