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Perennials with creeping rhizomes. Basal leaves 1 or more, cauline leaves absent. Inflorescence terminal on leafy shoots or on separate, leafless shoots arising directly from rhizomes, spikelike, ellipsoid or spindle-shaped to subcylindric, bracts distichous, usually herbaceous. Flower pairs 1-5 per bract. Calyx with sepals less than 1/3 as long as corolla tube, membranous. Corolla more or less solid proximally, hollow distally, lobes 3, oblong, subequal. Outer staminodes 2, obovate, callose staminode not petaloid at apex. Ovary often 2-loculed by abortion, style cylindric,  stigma enlarged.  Fruit ellipsoid, dehiscent. Seeds usually 2, aril 2-lobed, reflexed.