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Species of this Genus


Erect, tall palms, stem up to 10 m long. Leaves grouped at  stem-apex, pinnate, leaflets reduplicate. Flowers unisexual, monoecious. Inflorescence axillary, peduncle supported by spathes. Male inflorescence spikes, several, finger-like, flowers dense. Male flowers : sepals 3-lobed, oblong or lanceolate, petals 3-lobed, distinct, stamens 6, filaments basally connate. Female inflorescence subcapitate. Female flowers : sepals 3-lobed, petals 3-lobed, enlarged after flowering, ovary 3-loculed, style short, stigmas 3, linear. Fruit ovoid or obovoid, endocarp woody, very hard, 1-3 seeded. Seeds with sublateral embryo.