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Perennial herbs with tunicate bulbs. Leaves basal, ensiform or lorate, flowering stem solid. Inflorescence umbellate, involucres large and broad. Flowers pedicellate or sessile. Perianth actinomorphic or slightly zygomorphic, salverform or subsalverform, tube long, straight or incurved upward, lobes 6, oblong, linear-lanceolate. Stamens 6, inserted at throat of perianth tube, filaments free, filiform, suberect to declinate, anthers linear or oblong-linear, dorsifixed. Carpels 3, connate in a 3-celled ovary, ovules 2 to many per locule, style slender, slightly decumbent, stigma subcapitate, very small. Fruit an irregularly subglobose capsule, membranous or coriaceous, dehiscing irregularly. Seeds orbicular or angular, few, large.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Perianth-tube curved, declinate C. latifolium
1b. Perianth-tube straight, erect 2
2a. Umbels more than 15-flowered C. asiaticum
2b. Umbels up to 15-flowered 3
3a. Bulbs with a fusiform, stoloniferous base; perianth-lobes linear C. defixum
3b. Bulbs not stoloniferous; perianth-lobes lanceolate C. amoenum