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Tall palms, trunk solitary, annulate. Leaves 10-60, palmate or costapalmate, usually crowned, leaf-sheaths open, often fibrous, fibres reddish-brown, petiole margins spiny, hastula present, blades green, waxy, or dull-green, divided to almost half their length, or almost to base into many segments, these again split and sometimes pendulous at apices. Inflorescence of spadix, infrafoliar, bracts sheathing. Flowers minute, bisexual, loosely panicled on spadix, sepals 3, petals 3, stamens 6, filaments connate at base, carpels 3, ovary 3-locular. Fruit a drupe, oblong-ellipsoid. Seeds erect.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaf blades divided very deeply, c. halfway 2-partite Livistona chinensis
1b. Leaf blades divided very shortly, apically 2-toothed Livistona speciosa