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Species of this Genus


Perennial subshrubs or climbers, roots tufted, fleshy, fusiform, tuberous. Leaves whorled, opposite, or alternate, ovate, 3-9 costate. Inflorescence subracemose, or solitary, axillary, sometimes borne on petiole or leaf-midvein. Perianth segments 4, lanceolate, many-nerved. Stamens hypogynous, filaments  more or less connate in a ring, anthers linear, connective produced in long linear-lanceolate  appendage. Ovary free, ovules 2 or more, funicles long or short, stigmas sessile, pointed. Capsules ovoid or oblong, compressed, few-seeded. Seeds erect, ovoid or oblong, terete, grooved and beaked.