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Soft wooded trees, shrubs or undershrubs. Leaves trifoliolate; petioles sometimes prickly; stipules small; stipels gland-like. Inflorescence axillary or terminal racemes. Flowers clustered, showy; bracts small; bracteoles small or absent. Sepals 5, connate, bilabiate. Petals exserted, very unequal, standard wide, erect or spreading, sessile or long clawed, base not auriculate, wings very short, keels short. Stamens 10, mono or diadelphous, anthers uniform. Ovary stipitate, many-ovuled, styles incurved, subulate apex, stigmas terminal. Fruit a pod, stipitate, falcate, tapering at both extremites, constricted between seeds. Seeds ovoid.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Calyx spathaceous oblique, not 2-lipped, split to base along the back 2
1b. Calyx campanulate, distinctly 2-lipped, not splitting to base 3
2a. Calyx 5-cleft at tip, keel petals free; pods 6-8 seeded E. variegata
2b. Calyx entire at tip, keel petals connate; pods 2-3 seeded E. stricta
3a. Leaflets as long as broad, pubescent beneath, limb of standard 3-4 times as long as broad; pods turgid E. suberosa
3b. Leaflets twice as long as broad, glabrous beneath, limb of standard as long as broad, pods torulose E. fusca