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Species of this Genus


Annual or biennial herbs. Leaves pinnately trifoliolate; leaflets toothed; stipules adnate to petioles; stipels absent. Flowers small, white or yellow in axillary racemes; bracts minute or absent; bracteoles absent. Sepals 5, connate in a campanulate tube, teeth subequal, lanceolate. Petals white or yellow, deciduous, free, standard obovate or oblong, subsessile, wings oblong, longer than keels. Stamens 10, vexillary filaments free or connate in middle, other filaments filiform, anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or stipitate, few-ovuled, styles filiform, incurved, stigmas small, terminal. Fruit a pod or subglobose lomentum. Seeds few or solitary.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Corolla 2-3 mm long, yellow, pod mostly 1-seeded M. indicus
1b. Corolla 3.5-5.0 mm long, white, pod usually 2 seeded M. albus