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Epiphytic or lithophytic, monopodial herbs. Leaves distichous, conduplicate, leathery or fleshy, apex bilobed or emarginate. Inflorescence axillary, raceme, corymb or panicle; bracts persistent, scalelike. Flowers fragile, fleshy. Sepals and petals similar, flat to curved; lateral sepals adnate to spur. Lip saccate or with a short spur, adnate to column, variously lobed, fleshy, papillose, tuberculate, sometimes dentate. Column short, fleshy, glabrous or papillose; stelidia 2, toothlike; anther cap ovoid, apiculate; pollinia 4, united in 2 pairs, globose; caudicle linear, thick; viscidium oval, small; stigma transverse, concave; rostellum short, emarginate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves 3.5-5.0 cm wide; lip epichile rugose, margin not wavy; inflorescence often unbranched A. rigida
1b. Leaves less than 2.5 cm wide; lip epichile warty, margin wavy; inflorescence usually branched 2
2a. Inflorescence paniculate, equaling or exceeding leaves; lateral lobes of lip protruding; column with 2 distinct horns A. ochracea
2b. Inflorescence subumbellate, shorter than leaves; lateral lobes of lip not protruding; column lacking distinct horns A. praemorsa