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Perennial or annual, herbs or twining shrubs. Leaves pinnately trifoliolate, stipules deciduous, stipels subulate. Flowers purple, red or greenish, fasciculately racemes bracts deciduous, bracteoles small. Sepals 5, connate in wide tube, lowest long. Petals exserted, standard shorter than wings, auriculate at base, wings oblong adnate to keels, keels as long as or exceeding wings, incurved, acute. Stamens 10, vexillary filaments free, alternately longer and shorter. Ovary sessile, few to many-ovuled, beardless, stigmas terminal, capitate. Fruits thickly leathery, externally variously winged or smooth, septate within or occluded. Seeds orbicular.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Pods obliquely plaited on the faces 2
1b. Pods not plaited on the faces 4
2a. Pods winged, 2-6 seeded 3
2b. Pods not winged, 1-seeded M. monosperma
3a. Inflorescences umbelliform corymb, corolla greenish yellow, fruits clothed with yellowish brown hairs M. gigantea
3b. Inflorescences long raceme, flowers dull purple, fruit clothed with brown hairs M. imbricata
4a. Bracts prominent; calyx lobes linear; pods without longitudinal furrow M. bracteata
4b. Bracts small, calyx bilipped; pods longitudinally furrowed M. pruriens