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Species of this Genus


Epiphytic herbs. Stems clustered, erect or pendulous, bilaterally flattened, leafy. Leaves distichous, narrowly oblong to linear-lanceolate, base sheathing and articulate. Inflorescence terminal, globose heads or panicle, surrounded by bracts, densely many flowered, rarely few to single flowered. Flowers resupinate, white or yellow, occasionally reddish, small. Sepals and petals free. Lateral sepals forming a mentum containing saccate lip base. Petals narrower than sepals; lip entire or 3-lobed. Column short, foot rudimentary; anther incumbent; pollinia 8, waxy, caudicle short, viscidium solitary; stigma suborbicular, concave; rostellum conspicuous, subtriangular.