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Erect, prostrate or climbing herbs. Leaves trifoliolate, leaflets eglandular; stipules lanceolate, basifixed or peltately attached, stipels subulate. Flowers fasciculately racemose, peduncles axillary, rachis nodose, bracts and bracteoles often conspicuous, persistent. Sepals 5, connate in a tube, lowest teeth longer than the rest. Petals exserted, standard orbicular, sub-auriculate base, wings ovate, equalling or exceeding standard, adnate to keel above claw, keels prolonged in a beak. Stamens 10, vexillary filaments thickened above base, free, anthers uniform. Ovary many-ovuled, styles oblique. Fruit linear, compressed pod, chambers more or less septate, occluded between seeds. Seeds smooth.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Racemes shorter than leaves; flowers lilac to white P. vulgaris
1b. Racemes as long as or exceeding the leaves; flowers scarlet or rarely pinkish white P. coccineus