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Genus :

Acorus L.

Family :


Species of this Genus


Perennial rhizomatous herbs, rhizomes aromatic, creeping, much branched. Leaves  distichous, ensiform, base equitant, petioles absent, parallel-nerved. Inflorescence a dense-flowered spadix, cylindric, peduncle leaf-like. Spathe much longer than spadix, erect,  persistent, appearing merely as vertical extension of the leaf-like peduncle. Flowers bisexual, with peringone, densely arranged, bractless. Tepals 6, 2-whorled, orbicular, concave, tips incurved.  Stamens 6, filaments linear, flat, anthers reniform, cells confluent above, slits extrorse. Ovary conical, 2-3 celled, stigma minute, ovules many, orthotropous.  Fruit a few-seeded berry. Seeds oblong.