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Tall or dwarf, dioecious palms, stems solitary or clustered, short and subterranean to large and aerial, usually rough with very close nodes, often covered with persistent leaf bases. Leaves 8-50, pinnate, pinnae induplicate, lowest pinnae spinescent. Inflorescence of spadix, usually branched to 1 order, infrafoliar, peduncle bearing a prophyll, other bracts much reduced. Male flowers : stamens 6, filaments short, anthers dorsifixed. Female flowers :  staminodes 6,  carpels 3, free. Fruit oblong-elipsoid, mesocarp fleshy, sweet or bitter. Seed ventrally grooved, embryo subbasilar


Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. . Stems solitary, embryo of the seed ventral. Inland species Phoenix sylvestris
1b. Stems soboliferous, embryo of the seed basilar. Species confined to muddy maritime swamps Phoenix paludosa