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Epiphytic herbs. Rhizome creeping or pendulous; pseudobulbs ovoid to cylindric, bearing 2 leaves (rarely 1) at apex. Leaf blade oblong to elliptic, thick, petiolate at base. Inflorescence terminal or lateral to pseudobulbs, several flowered or solitary flowered; floral bracts caducous. Flowers opening successively. Sepals similar, concave. Petals linear; lip often concave at base, 3-lobed or rarely unlobed; lateral lobes erect; callus with longitudinal lamellae. Column winged on both sides; anther terminal, incumbent; pollinia 4, in 2 pairs, waxy; stigma concave. Capsules ribbed or narrowly winged.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Lamellae fimbriate C. cristata
1b. Lamellae not fimbriate 2
2a. Inflorescence heteranthous; callus with 3 undulate lamellae terminating at base of mid-lobe C. flaccida
2b. Inflorescence proteranthous; callus with 3 crenate lamellae terminating at ca. 1/3 way on mid-lobe C. viscosa