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Terrestrial, rarely epiphytic or lithophytic herbs. Stem cylindric to pseudobulbous, fleshy. Leaves few to several, thinly textured to fleshy, plicate, petiole sheathing at base. Inflorescence terminal, erect, unbranched; floral bracts lanceolate, persistent, recurved. Flower green, brown, yellow, pink, or purple. Sepal spreading, free. Petals often narrower than sepals, free, spreading; lip erect, flat, usually concave at base, entire to lobed, auriculate or not at base, margin entire or toothed, spur and callus absent. Column with 2 apical arms, foot absent; anther cap movable, flattened; pollinia 4, equal in size, waxy; stigma elliptic; rostellum obtuse or rounded at apex.